Decorating Ideas For Warm Weather – Ways to Make Your Rooms Look Great in Summer

Is your home dressed for the summer? The same heat that drives us to wear lighter, less structured clothing in the warm weather also calls us to lighten up our interiors. This can be fun and inexpensive. It also provides a psychological boost to counteract the summer doldrums. Here are some ways to accomplish a cooler feeling interior.

Adjust your furniture to provide more space between pieces. Rearranging the furniture can make everything feel new without spending a cent. Remember to place furniture in comfortable conversation groupings. The trick is to allow more space, virtually and visually, around furniture and accessories.
Declutter! Too many things in a room make it feel heavy and hot.

Edit your accessories. You may be blessed with a lot of wonderful things, nyctvmounted but you don’t need to display everything you own at one time! If you have 5 pieces on your coffee table, try using only 3. As the season changes, rotate some of your other accessories to keep the look fresh.

Exchange heavy draperies for lightweight ones or remove draperies altogether. Remember that light control is not the same as heat control.

Swap ornate decorative pillows for light colored, whimsical ones. Use cotton throws to add color and to make the space feel cozy.

Slipcovers! Lighten up the upholstery with washable fabrics and cool colors. Nothing feels like summer more than cotton and linen.

Let your floors go bare. It visually opens a space and feels good under bare feet.

Replace silk plants with fresh flowers or cut greenery from your yard or nursery. A simple blossom floating in a glass bowl of water is both elegant and fragrant.

Substitute glass, straw and paper accessories for silver, pottery or wood. Anything that looks watery or airy is great for summer.

For your coffee table, use simple pieces that remind your family of special times spent together: A bowl of shells, a vacation photo album, a basket filled with pinwheels, leis or colorful paper fans, a big straw hat or a travel book featuring a favorite place.

Reevaluate your wall art. Allow some space between pictures. Every wall does NOT have to have a piece on it. Use watercolors or children’s art in lieu of oil paintings.

Put table cloths away. Try bamboo or cotton place mats with playful napkin rings.

Place a bowl of fresh fruit in the kitchen.

Replace scented candles with summery potpourri or reeded oils. (The implied fire of candles is a psychological heat producer, whether or not they are lit).

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