7 Critical Questions To Help You Pick Your Right Home In Singapore

Assuming that you have set a budget with all considerations (If not, read my other article “3 Deadly Mistakes when Buying a Home”), and are now ready to go view some properties that you are considering, have you thought about how to pick out the right home from the various possibilities that you will be viewing? After all, if you are going to choose between two (or more) houses, what would make one better than the other? Besides just price alone, there are 7 critical questions you can ask yourself that I believe would help YOU to pick the right home within your budget range. Here’s what you should do: Bring a big notepad along with you when viewing various potential homes, and then proceed to answer these 7 critical questions while you are on-site. This way, your viewing becomes focused and effective and this demonstration of genuine interest will get you the critical answers that you need when discussing with the seller. So make the most of your time and make full use of the house viewing opportunity by answering these 7 critical questions.

Critical Question #1: What is the Investment Potential?

Will this house (and its location) continue to increase in value? Will the house require high maintenance costs? Does it have potential for improvements to suit your future needs? Is the location a growing area with good access, facilities, and vibrant or is it rundown and neglected?

Critical Question #2: How will our Family Lifestyle be affected?

How will traveling time change when going to work or school from this new house location? How else will the family daily schedule change if you moved here? https://genuinehomecinema.com/ Will the needs of your family be adequately served? Is there a gym, swimming pool, or park nearby? Is there a cinema, shopping mall, or restaurant in the area?

Critical Question #3: How is the directional position of this house unit?

Feng Shui experts have thrived on this critical area. Yet, with some common sense, you can still get by. Does the house have a good view? Is there a suitable breeze? Which direction is it facing? Will it be getting direct sunlight, morning or evening? If you are looking at closely built units, will there be sufficient privacy from your neighbours, both physically as well as in terms of sound being carried across?

Critical Question #4: How suitable is the surrounding area?

Is the immediate surrounding area conducive for owning a pet or suitable as a play space for children? Is the house unit built on a slope and will this have more advantages or disadvantages? How will weather affect the surrounding area and your house unit? Are there potential disturbances in the area?

Critical Question #5: How accessible is this location?

How accessible is your house unit when considering children and the elderly? Will there be stairs, lifts, and steep climbs? How close is the bus stop or train station if public transportation is used on a daily basis? Do you have parking spaces nearby if you need to park your car? Are there local shops within walking distance or a short drive away? How close is the nearest medical clinic, post-office, and bank? How accessible is the area to public transportation, supermarkets, eateries, and recreational parks?

Critical Question #6: Are there any unique features of this house unit?

Does the house unit have pleasant views from the different windows in the house? How is the air circulation within the house? Is the interior delightful with appropriately shaped wall angles that allow for ease of furniture layout and best use of space? Does it have a unique design, look or feel to it? A house that stands out from other houses will ultimately have a better resell value if these features are an integral part of the house.

Critical Question #7: What are the Renovation/Redecoration Costs?

If there is any work needed on the house unit (either to suit your tastes or lifestyle), how much will this add to your purchase price? Would it be better to look for something more closely suited to your needs given the added cost and inconvenience of taking on the renovation or redecoration project? If you have set aside a renovation/redecoration budget, then would it be sufficient for this unit you are currently viewing? From my experience, when my clients have taken the effort to review these critical areas, it makes their decision-making much easier and the process much smoother. They end up with a satisfied purchase with no regrets. So if you are planning on going out viewing any potential homes, make sure you get the answers to these questions on a big notepad and then do your own comparisons based on them. I wish you every success in picking your right home! 😀

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