Sales Planning – “I Have to Talk to My Wife”

The objections, “I’m not interested” and “I don’t have time” are usually the most common. There are many other objections that we will discuss right now.

Let’s go back to the residential side of sales. One of the hardest jobs I ever did door-to-door was selling an 8-week subscription of a newspapers, and I had to overcome many, many objections.

In certain situations you have to get creative depending on the company you work for and make it work for you. At this particular time I was working throughout high school so that I could attend college. So, I would open my speech up by saying, “Hi, my name is Steve and I’m trying to win a bond for college.”

Automatically, most people will respect the fact that you are trying to work toward some type of a goal and doing it in an honest way too. Once you say that, you will have their attention.

I would then say, “The way you can help me out toward winning that bond is by trying out this newspaper for eight weeks.” Another key component here, is that people simply like helping people out. Once again, the customer knows why you are there. You are there to try to win a bond toward college, and you will be able to achieve that goal if you can get this person to try a subscription out for eight weeks. All you need from that customer is their help. We will talk about buzz lines later in the site, but the key buzz line here is, “I need your help.”

However, most people don’t give in that easily. So, once you ask the potential customer for your help, they may say:

“I would love to help you out, but I have to talk it over with my wife first.”

Ouch, that’s a tough one isn’t it? Not at all – remember the first step of overcoming objections. You have to agree with the customer because you want them to know that you understand the situation that they’re in, but at the same time you NEED to win that bond, and you NEED their help in doing so. Notice the caps in NEED. You will notice that, not only are there certain buzz lines to help you persuade a customer to buy what you are selling, but there are certain buzz words too. The word “need” is just another form of urgency.

You, the sales rep, will agree with the customer, but you can get creative on how you agree with them. Why would you do this? Well, because it shows that you are actually listening. Don’t forget that , sometimes people just want someone to listen to them first, and then they will have more trust in you, because you actually took the time to listen to what they had to say.

The obvious answer to the previous situation is, “Yes, I understand you and your wife want to make a joint decision together.” However, I used to work with a guy who would get away with saying, “OK, no problem, I guess we know who wears the pants in the relationship right?” Obviously that takes much more guts, and a whole of confidence to the point you are risking someone possibly slamming the door in your face.

That said, there’s a chance that if the sales person has amazing timing and humour, he would actually get the customer to laugh with him, which would be his way into the sale.

With either of these ways, once you agree with them, you want to say, “I understand, Mr. Walsh that you want to talk it over with your wife, but wouldn’t your wife be really proud of your decision to help me out toward winning my bond?”

By saying that, yes you are playing the guilt game a little bit, but you are putting everything back on the customer. You are telling the customer that your wife will be so proud of you because you helped a high school kid work toward his goal of attending college.

Another way of handling the objection is, “I completely understand you want to make a joint decision together, but why don’t you give the newspaper a try to help me toward my bond, and if your wife doesn’t like it, you can get your money back.”

Or: “If you and your wife decide you can’t do it, take my number down and I will cancel the order for you.”

Yes, of course you don’t want to give them the option, but once he talks it over with his wife, they won’t cancel the order if they decide that it’s for a good cause. If, for some reason, the customer calls you back, you will act like they are your friend and ask, “What happened, I thought you were going to help me out toward college?” At that point, if he says it’s my wife, then you ask, “Do you mind if I speak with her?” and you use the same exact techniques as you did with her husband. Sometimes, people just need to hear with it their own ears.                                

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